My target for 2012

My targets for 2012 are to continue to support:

The African Children’s Educational Trust (A-CET) in northern Ethiopia
In 2009 I was invited to become one of two honorary patrons of A-CET and I was delighted to accept. I visited the trust in Mekelle in 2006, 2007 and 2010 and I made a fleeting visit in June 2012. Besides being overwhelmed by the impact of the trust’s work on the lives of vulnerable children and young people, I was inspired by the schools the trust is building for isolated rural communities. I now feel a part of the A-CET ‘family’ and immeasurably enriched by my involvement.

If you would like to know more or contribute to the trust, log-on to their award winning website:

The North Staffordshire Olive Tree Campaign
In February 2011, I joined an international group of volunteers to plant olive trees for farmers in the West Bank of Palestine who are being dispossessed of their land by the Israeli military occupation. I was shocked and dismayed by the suffering of the Palestinian people and full of admiration for the way they continue to strive to live as normal a life as possible against such overwhelming odds. On my return I wanted to do something practical to demonstrate my support for farmers losing their fields to the Separation Wall, illegal settlements, military zones, observation posts, watch towers and checkpoints. This is why I launched the North Staffordshire Olive Tree Campaign.

It costs £15.00 to sponsor an olive tree and this includes a young tree, preparation of a field, an irrigation system and a protection tube. The names of donors are displayed on a plaque beside trees planted by volunteers. This reminds farmers that they are not forgotten and illegal Israeli settlers and the soldiers who guard the settlements, that the occupation violates international and human rights law.

For information about the Keep Hope Alive Olive Tree Campaign log-on

The North Staffs Kidney Patients Association
I support the North Staffs Kidney Patients Association primarily by organising a bi-annual sponsored walk. The 2009 walk raised £2,900. Money is still coming in from this year’s walk (9.09.12) and the next walk will take place in September 2013.

For information, log-on to

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